Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Process and Frustrating Letters

My apologies for not having made a new post in quite some time. Medical issues have made it difficult the past couple of weeks. Anyway, I'm back, and I'll be setting up a new format. Instead of trying to squeeze out a gigantic post once a week, trying to recall everything interesting I may have found; I am instead going to make a new, smaller post every couple of days or when I just find something particularly interesting, or if I just need to gripe about a difficulty in my current work. These new posts will be only a couple paragraphs long if that, and they will hopefully include more pictures once I'm back in the archives (home on spring break now).

Since my previous post, not much has happened. Still working on the transcriptions of different pages, and I have discovered that it is either easy or maddeningly impossible. I discussed my previous problem with the capital "I"s before. This time, I have started to run into a symbol that I cannot seem to decipher. It appears like a "t", but it doesn't match any other form of that letter I've seen. The letter is made by making a straight vertical line down, whose tail then loops around to the left and through the line, forming the next letter. I have only encountered this symbol in French titles, which makes it very difficult to decipher since I can't even figure out what the word is. This is compounded by the fact that this particular page that it occurs on has very sloppy handwriting, with the lower case cursive m, n, u, v, s, and i, all being pretty indistinguishable. I'm slowly working my way through it, though, and with any luck I'll figure this out soon enough.

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