Monday, March 11, 2013

French Abbot

Not much new in the past few days. Still working on my transcriptions of the history pages. I'm still frustrated with the French texts in the catalog. More often than not whenever there is an unknown author the title seems to be something French, which makes it very difficult for me to get the exact lettering of the words correct. The French also seem to have the habit of giving ridiculously long titles to their works. For instance, compare Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis en Grece daus de milieu 4th diecle A.D. compared to Memoirs and Observations made in a Journey through China. To be fair, the English title would likely be just as confusing as if translated into French.

Only other discovery I've made is that many authors often have (l'abbe) placed beside their name. Normally the author's first name, if it's known, and their title are placed in parenthesis like this. After seeing this appear multiple times, I finally looked it up and discovered that this is the title that is applied to an abbot of a monastery. I found it so interesting that there are actually a fair number of abbots with published works, ignoring the fact this is a Jesuit catalog. Other than that, nothing spectacular has occurred recently.

I bid thee farewell. (This sign off thing is still killing me.)

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