Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Op.

So I finally managed to get into the archives in order to redo the pictures of the catalog that needed to be done. Most of it was relatively straight forward. There were some minor problems with the cameras not willing to cooperate all the time, but after several repeated attempts at getting them to respond properly, I was able to get my work on them done. All that's required for that part is for me to get the pictures properly formatted so that I can get them online.

Otherwise, just a bit more work on transcriptions without much new happening. I know I said my posts would be more frequent, but unfortunately, nothing of any severe interest has occurred beyond what I post. I'll find some way of getting something more intense to write about sooner or later, I'm sure. Unlikely, but I like the transcriptions that I'm doing and the work is fascinating to me, so, oh, well.

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