Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lacking Historical Context

After several hours I finally completed my first transcription, finding it easier than I had supposed it would be.  The only real difficulty came from the Latin in the titles, as well as the names of authors who were often French, German, Dutch, American and English, making spelling difficult at times. However, I was able to overcome it.
I'll be starting on the transcriptions of the history section of the catalog very soon. The reason for this is because while I was making my catalog of the catalog, I discovered that most of the History section is missing any kind of title to describe the exact section and what it contains. For instance, most areas would have a numbered section, then a chapter, and sometimes an article, in order to organize which books were listed where. The history portion of the catalog stops doing this a short way through for some strange reason, meaning that I will have to read over the pages and try to extrapolate what all of the books have in common that would cause them to be grouped together. Hopefully this'll be easier said than done.
Unfortunately, I have no pictures this time to give examples of what I'm saying. They'll be up on my next post.

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