Monday, February 4, 2013

G & I

This week I spent most of my time attempting to both read and catalog the content of each page of the Catalog(insert Inception joke), which would swing back in forth from easy to quite difficult. The actual writing within the catalog is usually pretty legible. However, my first roadblock appeared in the form of the capital letter "I", which in the Catalog takes two different forms.

The word on the right side "Infidelity" uses a very different style than the word "Idem" which appears on the left side in the word that appears to be Golem at first glance. This exemplifies an issue that I didn't consider when I began to read the pages, namely, that the writing is going to be from multiple people with different styles of writing. This is true in the way that a capital "A" is written in the catalog because in most of the script it looks perfectly fine, however, in the headings, it's closer in appearance to "oc" than it is to an "a". But with this knowledge, hopefully the reading won't be as hard as hard as it was previously. Idem also made this more difficult because it was a word I had never heard of before this. It apparently means to signify the same author or title as previously before it. Vocab lesson for anyone who didn't know that.

Slowly I have my own catalog of the catalog gaining meat, and it is almost completed. Thankfully, going through and doing this process has allowed me to get all of the pages into their proper place without the pictures, because until recently I had a group of 10 pages that had been stuck between sections, but it was only during my research that they were the entire section on Meditations and Morals. Soon, I will begin rephotographing and then the actual process of building a digital archive can begin.

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