Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Signing Out

So, this blog never really became what I wanted it to be. I have never done something like this, and it clearly shows in how infrequent I post. By no means is this a reflection of my experience in the archives. In fact, it is the opposite of such. My experiences working with the Jesuit catalog were small and constant feelings of enjoyment as I continued to study the old book. This is not something that translates well into diary form. Nothing felt significant enough to share, though all of it was fantastic to experience. Much of my work was solitary, so my interactions were not note-worthy. Most of what I discovered were small simple things that I often used Google to realize if something seemed interesting to me. This is by no means an excuse of the blog's quality, for as it is, this isn't much of a blog. However, I think it does accurately reflect my experiences during my internship. There was a great deal of initial excitement and discovery when I first began to work with the catalog, but as time went on I settled into my own routine, which was consistently simple and not terribly exciting. I loved the work I did, and just because I did not have enough time to form a particularly emotional connection to it, at least not one strong enough that I would rant on about it for the next 3 hours if given the chance, doesn't mean I didn't love the work. For anyone and everyone who did read this, sorry it couldn't have been better, but I hope I peeked your curiosity a bit.

Che sarai, sarai.

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